ERJustifiedFlowLayout for iOS

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I recently finished my first open source project—ERJustifiedFlowLayout (link to project on GitHub)! It’s a tool for an iOS UICollectionView, which is an incredibly versatile and powerful tool to display cell, row, or column content.  It uses a subclass of a UICollectionViewFlowLayout, which tells the collection view how to lay out its cells.

My library allows one to perform horizontal left or right justification (center coming soon) with cell content (including variably sized cells), plus stipulate a fixed distance between cells—something that isn’t possible with Apple’s out-of-the-box Flow layout.  I also plan on adding vertical justification (top, center, bottom).

Here’s a few screenshots of it in action:

Screenshot showing left justification mode of ERJustifiedFlowLayout Screenshot showing right justification mode of ERJustifiedFlowLayout
Left and right justification on ERJustifiedFlowLayout.

There’s a full tutorial on how to use it at the GitHub repo, as well as lots more screenshots. Enjoy!

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